Saturday, June 30, 2007

Sometimes there's no need to add a caption.

Thursday, June 28, 2007

In tribute to the new Fantastic Four movie (and because I found this picture while browsing in my folders)...


Wednesday, June 27, 2007

I always wanted a statue of a golfer jerkin' it while waiting for his ball to sink.

Sunday, June 24, 2007

I came to the conclusion recently that I have a lot of Metallica t-shirts. I never realized how many over the years I had picked up, and having counted them today it turns out to be 10. I decided to take pictures and write a little bit about them.

Yes, this is a post about my t-shirts. Deal with it or fuck off.

- Front View -

- Back View -

I'll start from the top row, from the left to the right.
  1. Some Kind of Monster: this t-shirt came "free" with the Some Kind of Monster single ($12 for a CD with 6 songs + a t-shirt) and is surprisingly comfortable and durable. It's an XL and I wear it fairly often. It's my only Metallica shirt that doesn't have something on the back, probably to save some cash since it was "free".
  2. Birth, School, Metallica, Death: by far my favourite Metallica shirt. I got it for $9 off of eBay. Funny thing is I looked for this shirt for a long time after seeing it somewhere. I don't see a lot of people with this shirt on which makes it cool for me. I actually purchased this shirt twice as the first one was a large and was too short, didn't feel comfortable. This shirt is XL. It fucking rocks.
  3. The Unforgiven: This is my newest acquisition, also from eBay. I paid $11 for it and is quickly becoming a favourite due to its comfort, size and feel. It's hard to find a good comfortable t-shirt (at least for me). XL for this one as well.
  4. Master of Puppets: Not much to say about this shirt except that I see a lot of people wearing it as well. Master of Puppets is a kick ass album. It's an XL and I didn't buy this one from eBay, I got it brand new. Size is XL.
  5. ... And Justice Skull: This shirt rocks and is also one of my favourites simply because it fucking looks great. It feels awesome and comfortable and I probably wear it the most after the Birth/Death one. I've made a little girl cry by pointing out the skulls and stuff on it. Size is XL.
  6. Metallica Ninja Star: This shirt looked ratty probably after the third wash and it started coming apart at the seams. It's the cheapest and least favourite shirt of mine. It just looks tacky and I never wear it. I'm surprised it didn't hold up as well as the other shirts since it's the same brand. It's an XL and buried deep in a drawer.
  7. Summer Sanitarium 2003: My first Metallica concert shirt. I got a large instead of an XL and because of this it shrunk and looks horrible. It has other bands on it and I've worn it maybe three times. The funny thing is that it was probably one of the most expensive shirts as concert t-shirts go for around $40 usually. Size is L (what a mistake).
  8. Reload: The only white Metallica shirt I own. It's kind of boyband-ish. I never really wear it, although it is comfortable. The armpits have come apart but I always wear an undershirt t-shirt under my t-shirts so it's not like my armpit hair is just freestyling everywhere. Size is XL.
  9. ... And Justice for All: I've worn the fuck out of this shirt and it's starting to come apart. I don't wear it as much anymore due to my newer ones but once in a while I do. The good thing about this shirt is that the more worn out it is, the cooler it looks. Size for this one is XL.
  10. Madly in Anger With The World 2005: My second concert t-shirt, this shirt fits weird. I got it XL (learning from the first time) but it's just oddly made. Also, the show I went to isn't even on it which is retarded considering I dropped $40 for this shirt (the Toronto show was only on the L and the XXL). I don't wear it much but it's a great souvenir.

There you have it. Who knew I'd have so much to say about t-shirts? Hey, I'm bored, give me a break. Plus if I ever hit my head and get amnesia, I can read this blog and weep at how wonderful my life was before I lost my memory.

That or laugh at myself. Either way I win.

Saturday, June 23, 2007

New Metallica shirt.

Monday, June 11, 2007

The last episode of the Sopranos was brilliant.

Tuesday, June 05, 2007

... More fun at work!