Tuesday, February 28, 2006

Thank You Team Canada

The Torino Winter Olympics are done and Canada walks way with 24 medals, a record for our country and a truly kick ass performance. Honestly, the Olympics wouldn't have been as awesome if not for CBC, which allowed me to check the medal count, get the scores and results on their web site and spend hours watching the winter games on TV.

Congratulations to all the athletes who represented Canada in Torino.

Here's a recap:


Silver - Pierre Lueders - Men's Two-man
Silver - Lascelles Oneil Brown - Men's Two-man

Cross Country

Gold - Chandra Crawford - Women's Sprint
Silver - Sara Renner - Women's Team Sprint
Silver - Beckie Scott - Women's Team Sprint


Gold - Bradley Raymond Gushue - Men's Curling
Gold - Mark Nichols - Men's Curling
Gold - Russ Howard - Men's Curling
Gold - Jamie Korab - Men's Curling
Gold - Mike Adam - Men's Curling
Bronze - Shannon Kleibrink - Women's Curling
Bronze - Amy Nixon - Women's Curling
Bronze - Glenys Bakker - Women's Curling
Bronze - Christine Keshen - Women's Curling
Bronze - Sandra Jenkins - Women's Curling

Figure Skating

Bronze - Jeffrey Buttle - Men's

Freestyle Skiing

Gold - Jennifer Heil - Women's Moguls

Ice Hockey

Gold - Gillian Ferrari - Women's Ice Hockey
Gold - Becky Kellar - Women's Ice Hockey
Gold - Carla Macleod - Women's Ice Hockey
Gold - Cheryl Pounder - Women's Ice Hockey
Gold - Colleen Sostorics - Women's Ice Hockey
Gold - Meghan Agosta - Women's Ice Hockey
Gold - Gillian Apps - Women's Ice Hockey
Gold - Jennifer Botterill - Women's Ice Hockey
Gold - Cassie Campbell - Women's Ice Hockey
Gold - Danielle Goyette - Women's Ice Hockey
Gold - Jayna Hefford - Women's Ice Hockey
Gold - Gina Kingsbury - Women's Ice Hockey
Gold - Caroline Ouellette - Women's Ice Hockey
Gold - Cherie Piper - Women's Ice Hockey
Gold - Vicky Sunohara - Women's Ice Hockey
Gold - Sarah Vaillancourt - Women's Ice Hockey
Gold - Katie Weatherston - Women's Ice Hockey
Gold - Hayley Wickenheiser - Women's Ice Hockey
Gold - Charline Labonte - Women's Ice Hockey
Gold - Kim St Pierre - Women's Ice Hockey

Short Track Speed Skating

Silver - Francois-Louis Tremblay - Men's 500 m
Silver - Eric B├ędard - Men's 5,000 m Relay
Silver - Jonathan Guilmette - Men's 5,000 m Relay
Silver - Charles Hamelin - Men's 5,000 m Relay
Silver - Francois-Louis Tremblay - Men's 5,000 m Relay
Silver - Mathieu Turcotte - Men's 5,000 m Relay
Bronze - Anouk Leblanc-Boucher - Women's 500 m
Silver - Alanna Kraus - Women's 3,000 m Relay
Silver - Anouk Leblanc-Boucher - Women's 3,000 m Relay
Silver - Amanda Overland - Women's 3,000 m Relay
Silver - Kalyna Roberge - Women's 3,000 m Relay
Silver - Tania Vicent - Women's 3,000 m Relay


Gold - Duff Gibson - Men's
Silver - Jeff Pain - Men's
Bronze - Mellisa Hollingsworth - Women's


Bronze - Dominique Maltais - Women's Snowboard Cross

Speed Skating
Silver - Arne Dankers - Men's Team Pursuit
Silver - Steven Elm - Men's Team Pursuit
Silver - Denny Morrison - Men's Team Pursuit
Silver - Jason Parker - Men's Team Pursuit
Silver - Justin Warsylewicz - Men's Team Pursuit
Silver - Cindy Klassen - Women's 1,000 m
Gold - Cindy Klassen - Women's 1,500 m
Silver - Kristina Groves - Women's 1,500 m
Bronze - Cindy Klassen - Women's 3,000 m
Gold - Clara Hughes - Women's 5,000 m
Bronze - Cindy Klassen - Women's 5,000 m
Silver - Kristina Groves - Women's Team Pursuit
Silver - Clara Hughes - Women's Team Pursuit
Silver - Cindy Klassen - Women's Team Pursuit
Silver - Christine Nesbitt - Women's Team Pursuit
Silver - Shannon Rempel - Women's Team Pursuit

Bring on Vancouver, 2010.

Thursday, February 23, 2006

Words of Wisdom, Part II

Those people who tell you not to take chances
They are all missing on what life is about
You only live once so take hold of the chance
Don't end up like others the same fucking dance

- From the song "Motorbreath" by Metallica
(Released in 1983 on Kill 'em All)

Tuesday, February 21, 2006

Rules of Life, Part I

There are two kinds of hot women in the world:

#1) The hot woman that knows she's good looking, expects everything to be given to her and uses it to be an unattainable bitch and be extremely condescending to you, but you take it because hey, she's hot right?

#2) The hot woman that pretends she doesn't know she's hot and keeps going on and on denying she's hot when you both know she really is, the whole process making you feel inadequate and dumb.

Please note: If you are hot and I know you, then you fall into rule #3 which is you're hot and you're cool. You're a rare breed and I chose not to talk about it up above with rule #1 and #2 because it's really not as interesting and doesn't fit the overall mood of the Rules of Life.

Thursday, February 16, 2006


Alright, let's get one thing straight: You go to the Olympics to bring back the gold medal for your country.

So when I hear things like the Canadian Women's hockey team is running up the score, it pisses me off:

"I'm upset that Canada has been running up the score, especially against the host nation," United States defenceman Angela Ruggiero told Sports Illustrated's website.

"There was no need for that. They're trying to pad their stats ... Canada is running up the score for whatever reasons – personal, short-term."

That's pure and complete bullshit.

First of all, it would be a greater insult if every team didn't play to their maximum capacity. This is a new sport, and obviously Canada and the USA (I guess) have an advantage. Sure, they trashed Italy 16-0, but even the Italian coach said it had been a learning experience playing against Canada.

Hockey is Canada's sport.

You don't ask the fastest skater to slow down, or the best ice skaters to fall a few times so others can catch up, so how do people come off telling the hockey teams to take it easy? Honestly.

So that being said...

Tuesday, February 14, 2006


I cancelled Valentine's Day. Single-handedly (and no, I don't mean I'm jerking off for V-Day 'cause my girlfriend left me).

I simply don't believe that commercialism should dictate what I do on a certain day (and no it doesn't mean I'll be boycotting Christmas because... Well, it's Christmas) and if it means sleeping on the couch, then so be it, I will sleep on the couch like a man!

Think about it, V-Day is the most retarded thing ever. You're pressured into doing something great for your partner, setting expectation so high that you're doomed to failure from the start. The sappy corny shit only works in movies, if you don't blow her out of the water (and top last year's "event") then it's dog house city for you my friend (and forget about getting laid). V-Day is a magnet for fights too, seems it always happens on that day.

Plus V-Day isn't fair for single people. It's like the whole world has to show you how much of a loser you are because you don't have someone, which is total bullshit.

Fuck Valentine's Day up its stupid ass.

Monday, February 13, 2006

Words of Wisdom, Part I

"She should have kept her mouth shut."
- James Bond
From Russia with Love, 1963

Sunday, February 12, 2006

I hate...

Waiting in line. It's so fucking retarded, especially when you're caught behind some really stupid people. There's just no point.

More people should just stay home.