Wednesday, July 30, 2008

You know, to add to my previous post, don't fucking call out my name and then when I respond ignore me completely and do something else and then call out my name again just as I go back to my work.

If I hear one more person today keep saying "what?" after I repeat something three times because they aren't paying attention, I'm likely to rip their arms off and beat them to death with them.

I find myself waiting a lot. This could be problematic for two reasons:

1) What if I keep waiting and waiting and whatever I am waiting for never comes.
2) What the fuck am I waiting for, and will I know when it finally shows up?

Monday, July 28, 2008

No alarms and no surprises, please.

Friday, July 25, 2008

"It's probably for the best" sounds more like trying to convince yourself then a true observation of the situation.

Wednesday, July 23, 2008

Maybe I should start following this advice.

Friday, July 18, 2008

Life really has a way of fucking with you sometimes, doesn't it?

Thursday, July 03, 2008

Life isn't fair. I think we all understand this and all realize this eventually. But it makes you wonder where we got the idea that it would be, or that it should be. Maybe it's also the fact of what we consider fair. Life should be fair is a pretty broad statement. You could argue that until you're dead, life has been fair since you know, you're still alive.

I don't think our parents gave us the impression that life would be fair, meaning I don't fault them for that. Even if you have good parents, you realize pretty quickly that they had to go through some serious shit to get to where they are now.

So what makes it that we take a look back and realize that shit just happens constantly in our lives? I know as a person I always try to do what's right, what's fair, what's nice. You know, Karma and all that stuff. But does Karma really exist? If it really did, only mean people would get cancer, right? We all know that isn't the case.

Maybe it's Hollywood's fault? You know, things always seem to end up okay at the end of the movie. Divorced parents get back together, the guy gets the girl, they win the big game, they save the planet, etc... You know, Hollywood bullshit.

At what point do we set happiness and life expectations for ourselves? How do we decide that we haven't reached our full potential, that we haven't gotten to the best point in our life? Do we ever really get to that point?

I sometimes wonder if this is as good as it gets.

We pretty much have the idea in life that it goes up, you "plateau" and then it goes downhill. So when do we actually reach this so called plateau? Should we even waste time thinking about trying to find that sweet spot where life is so wonderful? What if there really isn't any sweet spot, and it's just an uphill battle until finally you're laying in bed in a smelly hospital thinking why did I waste my time trying to work my way to something that doesn't exist?

Another question we probably should ask ourselves is how do we learn to appreciate fully the things we take for granted. You can show me a million pictures of starving little kids, if they fuck up my order at McDonald's, I'll still be pissed. Does the fact that we are alway striving for something better blind us to how good we have it now?