Wednesday, March 01, 2006

I Love BloodRayne

Alright so in 2003 this PC game comes out for the GameCube called BloodRayne (later it came out for the PC as well).

The game's about this half vampire, half human super hot chick that bounces around cutting up zombies and Nazis with lots of blood, gore and witty one liners. It's not a game you have to think, it's not even a perticularly hard game... It's just plain ol' bad ass fun. You're slicing up bad guys with those awesome swords, you're a hot chick that's also a vampire, you're shooting zombies in the head and fighting these huge weird ass monsters. Really, after a tough day at work, there's nothing better.

It was love at first sight.

2005 comes around and this time it's called BloodRayne 2. Same thing, better graphics but still the same sexy Rayne. Playboy actually showcases the video game character topless (first time that's happened, if you believe the hype). So far so good... What more can you ask?

So the unexpected happens, and news of a movie comes out. My loveable beautiful vicious BloodRayne would be played on screen by none other than Kristanna Loken, the hot blonde who played in T3. A bunch of other actors are set to have roles: Michelle Rodriguez from SWAT, Ben Kingsley, Michael Madsen... So far, so good... You couldn't really ask for better... Until I saw who was directing: Uwe Boll.


So I got a chance to see the movie (even though it never saw a theatre in Canada as far as I know) and I have to say...

It's total crap. What a huge disapointment.

I have probably never seen a worst movie in my life, and Kristanna Loken is actually NAKED in this movie... Yeah I know... Uwe toiletBoll single handedly ruined the movie and a great franchise. Rayne isn't bad ass or witty, the effects are so-so, the story makes no sense... In fact, this site
here explains everything that was wrong with the movie perfectly.

I am scarred for life. *sobs*

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