Wednesday, April 26, 2006

No Surprise

Sometimes you just can't help but laugh.

I mean, at life in general.

The more "serious" it is, the funnier it is. I'm not talking about the serious shit like murders and war and all that crazy stuff that we are informed of everyday but rarely subjected to. Nah, I'm talking about drama. More specifically, Other People's Drama.

Actually, scratch that, my drama is pretty funny as well.

I think we thrive on drama, maybe need it when our lives are going too well. See, that's the problem with us: we work towards more all the time, so while it's good that we have goals and motivation to carry on, it also means we'll never be happy with what we have. It's like we create our own little roller coasters to provide us with some thrills. I'm not saying there's nothing ever serious in drama, but the majority of the time everyone knows it's just some bullshit that's going to blow over, so it's hard to take any drama seriously.

Maybe I'm just desensitized by TV and video games.

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