Saturday, June 10, 2006

Why do people get mad when you ask them to stop sending you forwards?

First of all, I never read e-mail forwards unless they are sent directly to me. This is mostly because it seems I get sent the same 5 e-mails constantly. It's not like it's an original e-mail they created and decided to send to me (those I don't mind at all).

Secondly, I don't like forwards because people usually don't know how to forward correctly. There's a billion scrolling down to do, and they have everyone's e-mail addresses showing. I don't want strangers to have my e-mail address (the exception to this rule of course is hot chicks).

Forwarding 101: You send the e-mail to yourself and you Bcc: everyone else.

You'd think this would be common fucking courtesy at this point.

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