Tuesday, February 21, 2006

Rules of Life, Part I

There are two kinds of hot women in the world:

#1) The hot woman that knows she's good looking, expects everything to be given to her and uses it to be an unattainable bitch and be extremely condescending to you, but you take it because hey, she's hot right?

#2) The hot woman that pretends she doesn't know she's hot and keeps going on and on denying she's hot when you both know she really is, the whole process making you feel inadequate and dumb.

Please note: If you are hot and I know you, then you fall into rule #3 which is you're hot and you're cool. You're a rare breed and I chose not to talk about it up above with rule #1 and #2 because it's really not as interesting and doesn't fit the overall mood of the Rules of Life.

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