Tuesday, February 14, 2006


I cancelled Valentine's Day. Single-handedly (and no, I don't mean I'm jerking off for V-Day 'cause my girlfriend left me).

I simply don't believe that commercialism should dictate what I do on a certain day (and no it doesn't mean I'll be boycotting Christmas because... Well, it's Christmas) and if it means sleeping on the couch, then so be it, I will sleep on the couch like a man!

Think about it, V-Day is the most retarded thing ever. You're pressured into doing something great for your partner, setting expectation so high that you're doomed to failure from the start. The sappy corny shit only works in movies, if you don't blow her out of the water (and top last year's "event") then it's dog house city for you my friend (and forget about getting laid). V-Day is a magnet for fights too, seems it always happens on that day.

Plus V-Day isn't fair for single people. It's like the whole world has to show you how much of a loser you are because you don't have someone, which is total bullshit.

Fuck Valentine's Day up its stupid ass.

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