Tuesday, August 08, 2006

If you see your display pic above, you may be lame.
Instant Messaging 101: Default pictures suck
They are so easy to change and replace too. Even some lame loving crap is better than that fucking duck. I'd like to use a magnifying glass and the power of the sun on it's forehead. That kid on the skateboard needs to fall flat on his face and don't get me started on the fucking space rocket (you've never gotten laid if you have the rocket as your display pic... Don't lie, you really haven't).
One easy fucking step: Tools > Change Display Picture.
Okay so now you're saying "But Dan, I don't have a picture to replace it with!". No problem: www.google.com and click on Images. As long as you don't type in Gilby Clarke (see previous entry) then the cyber sky is the limit. Pick something cool, pick something lame... JUST PICK SOMETHING!
Stay tuned for next week where we will discuss changing fonts.

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