Monday, September 11, 2006

Alright I'm sure everyone reading (the four of you) have received dumb forwards before, but one of the worst ones has got to be those stupid questionnaires. You know the ones, "HAVE YOU EVAR HAD SEX WIT A STRANGER? DO U HAVE A CRUSH?" type deal. A bunch of mundane questions that give absolutely no depth as to who you are and what makes you tick.

The worst though (because there is worst than actually just receiving these and filling them out) is when the people who send them to you don't answer some of the questions. So not only are you filling out a boring stupid ass survey that has no use, but you won't even answer all the questions, or the ones that may be half interesting... Okay I take that back, they really aren't interesting at all, but how do you expect me to answer the questions you skipped?

Yeah, that's what I thought.

There's even worst (unbelievably): talking to the survey.

People start answering the questions as if the survey is some kind of artificial intelligence that could magically answer back. I've been guilty of doing this before and I immediately punched myself in the fleshy part where my nuts used to be because let's face it, doing those surveys removes any kind of manhood a guy could ever ask for. After punching myself repeatedly in the nuts for 10 minutes, I finally x'ed out of the survey, ran outside into the wilderness and hunted bear half naked with my bare hands, which quickly allowed my testicles to return to my body due to the very manly act performed.

So keep calling the survey stupid as you fill it in, but who's stupider, the survey or the person filling it?

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