Thursday, September 07, 2006

You know, there are some shows on television where you can just feel the information make its way to the inner parts of your brain and just rot it out. You can hear your brain cells crying out for help as they wink out of existence.

Rockstar: Supernova is such a show. Let's face it most reality TV shows are like that.

So why do I keep watching them? Not only do I watch Rockstar: Supernova, but I've also been caught watching Hell's Kitchen (chefs competing to get a restaurant in Vegas) and *gasp* Who Wants To Be a Superhero?

Yes, that's right, a show about grown men and women competing to be the main character in a comic book written by Stan Lee (if you don't know Stan Lee, chances are you've gotten laid in the last year; he's the guy behind such superheroes as Spider-man, X-Men, etc).

But that's not the only "bad" show I watch. There's Prison Break, which is entertaining but damn if it isn't the dumbest, most far fetched show. And Smallville of course (Superman meets Dawson's Creek), which is the one show I reserve the right to watch and enjoy simply because it is corny. Everyone has one of those they have a soft spot for.

But then there's the "good" shows:

House, which is just brilliant (even though for a while all we saw were seizures - I was thinking of making a drinking game out of that). Gotta love sarcasm, the good Doctor really makes the show.

24, which I've just discovered. I'm halfway through the first season and I'm loving every second. Kick ass, and a great concept.

Lost, which may be a bit overrated (kind of like Harry Potter), but I'm into it. I wanna know what's gonna happen, so it has succeeded in getting my attention.

The Sopranos, although last season wasn't as good. I think they need to end that show with this season even though it really rocks.

My Name is Earl & The Office, my "US" comedies. Both fucking hilarious and worth watching. Nothing unstresses you out like a half hour of laughing.

Trailer Park Boys, my "Canadian" comedy. It's just hilarious. The movie coming out shortly too which is going to rock. Can't wait.

I've also just started watching Blade: The Series, and it's not bad, although not spectacular. It's entertaining though and there's blood. Gotta love blood.

So that's how I've been wasting my time lately. It's good escapism, and we all need to escape real life sometimes...

Even if it rots your brain.

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