Tuesday, March 13, 2007

I was taking a leak at the urinal at work today when I glanced down and noticed a pubic hair in there (not mine). Now any guy will tell you this is not uncommon because there's absolutely no way for you to wipe the urinal or pluck your pubic hair out, hence once it falls in it is pretty much an offering to the Toilet Gods for everyone to admire.

Anyways, it made me think of something funny that I encourage everyone to try: go around the office looking for someone (preferably female, it makes it even more ironic) that has the longest darkest curliest hair possible.

Now carefully select one of these long hairs and bring it back to the urinal, and place it in such a way that even those CSI fuckers would think it had fallen from a man's hairy nut sack.

Once everyone at work is grossed out (and engrossed on the mystery of who's pubic hair that was), follow up with fake blood on the toilet seat, but this time in the women's washrooms.

This could actually even be more fun at work than a bandoleer of sticky notes.

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