Wednesday, June 17, 2009

Some tattoo artists just make me laugh. Don’t get me wrong, I respect the fact that it’s a cool job and it’s probably not easy. You have to be artistic, have steady hands, pay careful attention to details and all that stuff, but honestly some of these tattoo artists really think they are more important than they really are. A tattoo is a not a crucial thing to get, so stop acting like you’re surgeon and you’re saving lives. The $10 caricature guy at the circus is very artistic too but he doesn’t act like a pompous asshole.

This reminds me of tow truck drivers. Yes, I’m glad you’re there to pull my car out of the ditch and I’m glad you’re there when I get a flat. But in the end I am paying you to do shit I don’t feel like doing myself. There’s no need to trick out your little tow truck and think you’re King Shit.

And lastly: cab drivers. Hang an air freshener in your car, take a shower and learn how to fucking drive. Nobody likes you.

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